Make a Wire Transfer

IMPORTANT: Banking information is unique to each order

Banking information is unique to each order and should never be considered static. This information should not be maintained for use in future order payments.

Local banking details from FastSpring can be acquired through selecting the Wire Transfer payment option at checkout or by accepting to pay an invoice and choosing Wire Transfer as the method of payment.

  1. Select the license type you require and the customization options
  2. Enter your details
  3. Select the Wire Transfer payment option (may required clicking the 3 dots):
  4. This will narrow the required fields to fill:
  5. Click Pay
  6. Banking information is displayed
  7. IMPORTANT: The Account and Routing Number change PER INVOICE and should not be re-used. The Payment Reference MUST be included or the wire transfer cannot be linked to the purchase.
  8. NOTE: Wire Transfer payments are not available for subscription orders.